Five Ways To Find Your Dream Diaper Bag
Five Ways To Find Your Dream Diaper Bag

What’s the perfect size?
Size is probably one of the first things you should consider when looking for the perfect diaper bag. Do you live in a city, where you will be out all day and walking everywhere? Perhaps a more compact style fits you best. Or maybe you live somewhere where a car is part of your daily routine, or you have 2 or more kids. The right diaper bag should be roomy enough to fit all your necessities (consider both your stuff and the baby's stuff), yet not be excessively bulky for you to take everywhere.
Functions & Easy to Use
There’s nothing worse than a bag that looks great but has absolutely no pockets, so it’s one big hole where you can’t find anything. Diaper bags need to be functional first and foremost, otherwise we can just scrape by with a regular purse. Comfort is also a huge one with parents, since they will be using the bag a lot and comfy straps can save the shoulders when carrying a fully-packed bag. Look for padded straps to avoid having straps that "dig in" your shoulders with a heavy load. Finding a diaper bag that meets all your needs is key to making your daily grind run smoother, saving you time in the end.
Choosing the Material
The material of the bag is extremely important, as it will determine if your bag is light or heavy to begin with. This is important since you'll be packing it up with both baby and mommy necessities, so everything adds up. While genuine/faux leather may be easy to keep clean, these materials are heavy and can add a lot of weight to your haul. On the other end, bags made with thinner fabric may be lightweight, but have no structure and slouch when you need it the most. Look for a bag that can deliver both structure and lightweight features without compromising the look you want.
Maintain Your Personal Style
Diaper bags come in all different styles nowadays, so you have the freedom to choose from options such as totes, hobos, or even backpacks.  Find a style that works for your needs and consider ones that you actually get excited about carrying around. If your diaper bag doesn’t make you feel cute, you can do better.
Beyond The Baby Years
There are cheap diaper bags out there for sure, but it's best to invest in a good quality bag that can last you through the years, even when your little ones are out of diapers. Finding a stylish diaper bag that you love is a true gem, since you'll be able to use it for the gym, traveling, or work. Look for versatility in a diaper bag and it basically pays for itself throughout the years.


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